It really doesn't matter how many Instagram followers you have, these are the strategies we would advise everyone to use if you are looking to build more engagement and more than just numbers on a screen.

What we have discovered is that the only way to truly win on Instagram is to actually be social.

How many Instagram followers you have means absolutely nothing if you can't build a community of people who really care and enjoy your content (As they are ultimately going to be the ones who will buy/use whatever your business is selling).

You really need to join in and engage with people that are interested in the same things as you. To put it quickly the Instagram strategy is basically leaving your personal opinion (via a comment) on 9 posts for each different hashtag thats relevant to your business or brand every single day (9 posts x 10 hashtags = 90 comments).

Here's the Instagram strategy broken down into 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Finding the best hashtags to follow 🔍

This step shouldn't be hard at all. For this example, I'm going to use cars.

Just to give you the best example, try to imagine that you're massively into cars and you have decided to build a business or brand around cars.

What we need to do now is find the top 10 most relevant/important hashtags within the car category (or your chosen field). Here are the ones we have found for cars.

1. #cars
2. #carporn
3. #lamborghini
4. #carsofinstagram
5. #carswithoutlimits
6. #supercars
7. #carlifestyle
8. #exoticcars
9. #fastcars
10. #carsandcoffee

One of the great parts about Instagrams hashtag search feature is that you can quickly and easily find related hashtags within the same industry or niche. So for example once you search #cars, Instagram will automatically recommend related hashtags.

It's also important not to spend all your time only searching the most popular hashtags but lesser known hashtags that can still relate and make a real impact.

Try to spend about 20-30 seconds scrolling through the top 9 posts of each hashtag and also the 'recent' section.

When you find a post you like, the first thing you need to do is find out who that person is. Click on the post, continue to their account, read their bio, look at their profile, understand their likes, dislikes and activity.

Even if their account only has for example 190 followers but every post they create gets 60 likes and 20 comments, REACH OUT and leave you opinion!

So many of you are starting with nothing (and that’s okay!) every connection matters. Every relationship has value. These people can all be part of your community.

Step 2: Leave your comment 🗣

Once you've found a post you like within one of your top 10 hashtags and think that person would be interested in your content (and also the products/ services you provide)... it's now time to leave your opinion and try to provide value where you can.

If you see someone else in the comment section has posted a question and you know how to respond, answer! If you really love the post and admire the look of it, say so! If the image reminds you of someone else that's on instagram, tag them!, If you think a friend would enjoy the post, share it with them!

This shouldn’t really take more than 2 minutes per post.

You don’t have to write an essay, you just have to engage and interact. But it's so so so important to be authentic! We all know a spam comment when we see one. And if you really want to connect with that person, don't be afraid to send them a DM. Mention the post and what you liked about it. Be active, respond to their story, say something valuable and ask if you can help, collaborate, promote, etc.

Step 3: Continue to comment, like and engage 📲

It's that easy! It doesn't matter how much value you provide, in the end it's still a game of numbers. You have to be willing to do more than other people (especially your competitors!). Everyone else is only leaving one comment but you're leaving 90 Every. Single. Day.

We promise you will get results using this strategy. And the better your comment, value and authenticity is the more you will grow.

Even if you only gain one new follower per day. Or gain one new idea about what works and what doesn't on Instagram. No matter what the case, we can guarantee you will learn. Whether you learn about the platform, about culture, about human behaviour, about how people interact online, about empathy and humility and perspective, it's all there through this strategy. It's simply leaving your personal opinion though a comment and being part of a real community.

So just to recap, you're going to drop 90 comments a day, one comment at a time, nine different posts, on ten different hashtags, every day. And slowly but surely that will build an audience that knows and appreciates you and your content.

Just remember not to leave spammy comments! You're not there just to say follow, follow follow. The way to be discovered is to either put out great content, and have one piece go viral, or the way we like it, and the strategy that has always worked for us is to become part of the community. You will pick up three to four followers a day, which are meaningful. Not bots and spam, but meaningful connections.

That means you’ll probably receive 100 new meaningful followers in a month. Which means you’ll put out a piece of content and if one of them really likes what they see and decides to purchase whatever product or service your business is offering, then away you go.

What makes this Instagram strategy even better is not that you're going to get exposure, or that you're going to get some followers, or that you're going to be a great member to the community but you're also going to learn.

Because you’re going to watch and consume, 90 pieces of content a day that are doing well on Instagram, which is then going to inspire and help you produce even better content that you yourself are going to put out on Instagram. That’s a really good use of three hours a day.

In the morning, during your lunch break, and when you get home. Tried and true. You pick the hashtags, they’re unlimited. They all have a top nine. And then all you have to do is put in the work!

We want to teach you all how to grow your Instagram through this strategy. How to really do it, and how to win.

Now go do "that" 89 more times today!

We hope you enjoyed our first blog post regarding social media tips. We plan to make a few others very soon so make sure you keep up to date and follow us on Twitter & Instagram.

Special shoutout to the social media wizard that is Gary Vaynerchuk for influencing this strategy. There is nothing Gary doesn't know when it comes to social media marketing so if you can't wait for us to release our other social media tips then we would highly recommend checking out some of his content.

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